2/5 10/14/12 2:13 PM yorkie commercial
yorkie commercial
yorkie candy bar commercial. 1. Close up of Yorkie candy bar with generic, high tempo pop-punk music playing. 2. Young boy skateboarding and doing various skateboard tricks. 3. Four young schoolgirls hanging out at playground. One is holding a Yorkie candy bar. 4. Young boy notices the schoolgirls with the Yorkie candy bar, launches into the air on his skateboard and grabs the Yorkie candy bar from them. 5. When he lands, his head blows ups with an explosion of hot pink goo and a dinosaur head pops out. His dinosaur head says, "It's not for girls!", and he flicks his dinosaur tongue. 6. After biting into the Yorkie candy bar, his head returns to normal and he rides off into the sunset. 7. Yorkie logo appears. 8. The end. | original piece: ink, pencil, tape on paper- $99.99 | commercial idea- $2345 | jeremy kennedy | 2012
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