1/5 9/25/12 5:38 PM arbys commercial
arbys commercial
arby's commercial. 1. Two starved and desperate men climbing a sand dune to the drudging beat of a drum. 2. The man in the rear draws a knife from his belt with the intent to kill and eat his partner. 3. They reach the top of the dune they spot an Arby's sign in the distance. 4. The man in the rear puts his knife away. 5. They run in rejoice down a dune towards the Arby's restaurant. 6. They reach the Arby's restaurant. 7. They find that the door is locked. 8. They walk away extremely discouraged and the drudging drum beat begins again. 9. The man in the rear draws his knife once again. 10. Fade to black. 11. Arby's logo appears. 12. The End. | original piece: ink, pencil, acrylic on chipboard- $120 | commercial idea- $2500 | jeremy kennedy | 2012
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